Guncart Prices

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All guncarts are handcrafted in my shop one at a time using the Finest Hardwoods available. They are made of solid lumber (not all plywood), glued, screwed, pinned, and sanded prior to shipping. (Carts are unfinished)

The wheels are 16" hard rubber, ball bearing, steel spokes and solid steel axle. The wheels are removable as is the main ammo box.

Guncarts shown are standard, not filled with all the options.

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice, firearms not included.

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The Jack Rabbit 

(Click on the picture)

3 gun breakdown $239 + s/h

Breakapart Handle

Wagon Wheels

Bullet Tray

+$  24


+$  24

Baltic Birch 

(Click on the picture)

5 gun Full Size $343 + s/h

Pioneer (Click on the picture)

Pioneer 5-gun with 16" rubber wheels $429 + s/h*
Pioneer 5-gun with 20" rubber wheels $478 + s/h*
Pioneer 5-gun with 20" wagon wheels $607 + s/h*
Poplar(Click on the picture)
5 gun Fullsize $409 + s/h*
Red Oak(Click on the picture)
5 gun Fullsize Cherry $385 + s/h*

Walnut $569 + s/h*

Guncart Upgrades Upgrade Dovetail Ammo Box (Aspen or Birch) $62 + shipping (unfinished)
Upgrade Dovetail Ammo Box (Red Oak) $69 + shipping (unfinished)
Upgrade Dovetail Accessory Box (Aspen or Birch) $49 + s/h (unfinished)
Upgrade Dovetail Accessory Box (Oak) $52 + s/h (unfinished)
Second Accessory Box (Standard) $42 + s/h (unfinished)
Upgrade 20" wheels $53.30 + s/h
Barrelrest Leather Ties (Black or Brown) $15 + s/h

    *Shipping: Zipcodes 833xx-994xx add $6.50.