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8 July 2004
Mr. Cartwright,

My guncart arrived this morning. I couldn't be more pleased. I was fortunate to catch you in the shop the Monday of the July 4th weekend, you took my order and the cart arrived on Thursday. Unbelievable for service coming out of the holiday weekend. I can recommend your product to anyone with no conditions or hesitation. Thanks again for your outstanding customer support.

William P Harris

I finished my cart following your instructions and rolled it out for the June shoot at the Capital City Vigilance Committee in Augusta, ME. Small world -- as Arizona Pete Smythe rolled up beside me with his cart purchased from you last year. So thought that deserved a picture which I am sending along.

I am really happy with the way the cart turned out. It is just what I wanted.

Best Regards,

Jerry Thomas aka Buckhorn Tom


Arizona&Buckhorn.jpg (172480 bytes)guncarts.jpg (136780 bytes)

        After picking up my cart on Monday and having an opportunity to meet you, I was looking forward to my next shoot that took place this past Sunday. Well let me tell you, there wasn't a finer cart to be found. I had a bunch of cowboys and cowgirls commenting on how nice the wood and the finish are, someone even said it was nicer than the furniture in his house. The wheels were a big topic of conversation. I would like to thank you for the time you spent with me and the great information you passed on, I only wish I could have spent more time talking with you. Hope to see you at some upcoming shoot. Attached is a picture of me and my cart.

cheyenneraider.jpg (22664 bytes)

Wanted to let you know I received the cart last week just as you promised. The cart was everything I expected. I want to commend you on your quality and workmanship. I followed your directions on finishing the cart and it turned out great. When you and I talked over the phone I told you I believed in buying the best, first and you will never question your purchase. Your carts prove my theory. Can't wait to take it to the shoot this month.
Thanks again,
Bobby Lewis
Frio River Kid
Sass #50779
Missouri City, TX
Off The Wall Guncarts
224 North Howard Street
Greentown, IN  46936

Dear Gunther,

Thank you so much for the wonderful full-size guncart that you recently made for me. I really appreciate the tremendous workmanship and imagination that went into this remarkable cart. Outstanding fit and finish, with an obvious care for even the smallest of design and craftsmanship details. And the turnaround time was much faster than I expected for so considerable a task.

I also greatly appreciate the extraordinary amount of time you spent with me on the phone with helpful suggestions. Your devotion to making the product to my desired requests was completely reassuring.

Thank you again for this great guncart. I really could not be more pleased!

Blaise Falling Star
a.k.a. "Billy Bearpaw"  SASS #48813
32 Schlayer Farm Rd.
Southington, CT  06489


The Pioneer gun cart arrived in perfect condition . . . and what a beauty. We couldn't be more pleased. I'm typing up the instructions you gave me on finishes and care for the wheels just so I don't forget. I'm certain that Molly Dunn and I will have many happy trails with our new cart. Thanks again. The care you took in building it is evident in the fine craftsmanship. Molly says, "We'll find a place for it in the living room!"
Harmony Q. Smith, SASS #31212
a.k.a. Ric Windmille

I received my new Pioneer gun cart today…much sooner than I expected.  Thank you for getting it packed and to FedEx even sooner than you said you would.  I really appreciate the outstanding customer service. 

I am tickled pink with the cart!  This thing darn near looks like a piece of furniture.  If we had the room and I put a potted plant on it, I think my gal just might let my park it in the living room. 

Rest assured that I’m going to recommend you and your carts to my SASS pards.  In fact, I think I’m going to log onto the SASS Wire right now and let ‘em know about my new cart and where I got it.  Thanks again! 

Brett Luna

aka “Red Goat Jackson”

Anchorage, Alaska

Howdy Gunther!
Wanted to let you know, my cart arrived yesterday, and I am impressed!  I really like it, and the quality is excellent (and I plan to let the Wire Know..)   I do a lot of fabrication and 'crafting' (more metal than wood) and would have built my own cart if I didn't have so dang many other things to do, so I have a real appreciation for the workmanship.
Question - I have your instuctions for treating the wheels - does that suggest it's not a good idea to stain them the same as the cart?  You'll recall we talked about getting the 'gray' antique look, and you recommended a Sherwin Williams white stain.  Should I  do the linseed oil / turpentine on the wheels, and stain just the cart?
Also, do I read the instructions correctly, that it's a mixture of 70% linseed oil and 30% turp?
Thanks again,
Arizona Pete
Mr. Carthwright:
Well, I finished finishing the cart. I have taken it to it's first match. I received many "nice cart" from other shooters. It was what your said it would be over the phone. Thanks a  million on a very good product.
George Gay
'Cibolo Smoke'
 Got my cart today God its beautiful can't wait to get done with the wagon wheels and put it together. Thanks so much. John Celba, Mundelein, IL.
Just received my cart.  It is beautiful, you do great work.  I can't wait to stain it this weekend.


Bob Ford
Creede Kid

SASS #42511  
My wife finally let me open my new cart this morning.  It's even better than I had hoped for.  Thanks very much for the prompt service and quality.  Merry Christmas to you and yours, pard.
Bruce Stine
Yakima Kid, SASS Life, 28088



 Thanks!!! The workmanship is terrific and I'm sure I'll be asked many times where the cart came from. I'll happily refer them on to you.


 I appreciate your professionalism and craftsmanship.


 Best regards,


 Glenn Royal

 "Tenmore Bucks"

Dear Dennis,


Love the Guncart!

I would call it the "Caddy" of ALL CARTS.




Razorback Joe


 Got my cart last week and used it at sunday's match. Got a lot of compliments. Really pleased with it. Thanks


 John Wolff

 'notch willoby'


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